"Our ch7 family finds in version Kompress Charlie the exaltation of technology and the realization of the wishes of our customers(and our dreams)"

A perfect evolution of that idea ,born years before, is made though a helicopter with improved efficiency and autonomy, which grows up to tree hours to an convenient removable additional tank, with improved profile, and aerodynamic fairings applied to the landing gear ; with improved technology, ranging from information system and language voice check list( in your own language), to renewed mechanical part including a new swash-plate , The retention of the weight is still guaranteed by incuse ok technology, that's to a renewed full carbon cabin.


Technical Specification

Engine type ROTAX 914 UL- EPA SA-R914
Seats 2


Overall Length 7050 mm 23.1 Ft
Overall Height 2350 mm 7.7 Ft
Main Rotor diameter 6279 mm 20.5 Ft
Standard Fuel capacity 30 lt 7.9 U.S.gal
Aux. Fuel capacity 34 lt 8.9 U.S gal


Full load weight 450/500 Kg 992/1100 lb
Empty weight 280 Kg 617 lb
Payload 170/220 Kg 374/485 lb


VNE 104Kts 120 mph
Cruise speed 86 Kts 100 mph
Max. Range 259 nm 450km
Max. Endurance 3 hours
Max. Operating Altitude (tested) 15700 ft
Hovering IGE (ISA) (tested) 9000 ft
Hovering OGE (ISA) (tested) 7200 ft
Rate of Climb 1000 ft/m

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