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A dream come true.
The passion, the commitment and the tenacity of a whole family.
Three brothers.  Three helicopters.  
20 years of experience.  400 units produced. 
We were born with ultralight flight, we have grown along with the Certified Worldwide Sport Aviation and we have evolved up to the CH77Ranabot.
We believe in perfection and we pursue it, both in state-of-the-art design and in continuous technological innovation.
Our helicopters strictly comply with the rules and regulations, respect the established weight, and offer extremely high and exciting performance. 
Enjoy our website, but most of all, go visit our dealers!
You’ll have the opportunity to test our rotorwings, share our dream and turn it into your reality!
The Barbero Bros.

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We believe in perfection and we pursue it, both in state-of-the-art design and in continuous technological innovation.


CH7 KOMPRESS: Design, Affordable in price,Turbine performance on piston costs:
Engine: Get additional rating with Rotax 914 derated pawerplant, kompress powered by this sistem is allowed to take- off from 3500 mt 13.000 ft . Turbo- pressure grants power holding at altitude,preventing any icing condition of carburetor.
Frame: Steel -tube skeleton construzion crossed by nitrogen gas un...


"Our ch7 family finds in version Kompress Charlie the exaltation of technology and the realization of the wishes of our customers(and our dreams)"

A perfect evolution of that idea ,born years before, is made though a helicopter with improved efficiency and autonomy, which grows up to tree hours to an convenient removable additional tank, with improved profile, and aerodynam...


"THE THIRD BROTHER (A CHILD PRODIGY) Charlie 2 exaltation of technology"
Performance improved with both at altitude and cruise, rising to 90 Kts thanks to the new profile of the carbon blade, making it a great cruiser; with improved technology, ranging from a more complete information system and language voice check list (in your own language),


The helicopter reconsiders. CH77Ranabot
We thought we had made our idea come true, but dreams do not seem to end. And so we have reconsiders the whole world of light helicopter.
Ranabot Ch 77 projet R, reconsidered the Ultra-light helicopter for Europe and the world, in the light of new national regulation as well as new prospect of the sector.
Sport flight has grown, and our ...

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